Hello and thank you for stopping by,

I am really excited to tell you all about this adventure we are on. We started in late 2017 and built a journey that we continue to venture on.  Let me tell you about this dream and where it started.

I have always had a passion for cooking and especially cooking for others. My dad taught me how to pursue an ambition and make it a reality. He is my inspiration for the kitchen. He taught me that you cook with love and you eyeball everything. (What a crazy time to cook without instructions) . Well that is what I did and learned it. 

We shared many memories but he came to a point in his life where his health deteriorated and he passed in September 2017. One of our last conversations were about food and living out dreams. I was telling him how I had mastered all his recipes and how much it was like cooking with him in the kitchen again.  Unfortunately, in his latter days he was not able to get into the kitchen anymore. Tastes were off, too much of this, and that, then he could stand very long. 

 One day as he sat in his chair he leaned over (more of hunched over) and said , " You need to live your dream and stop working for others.  You have a passion for cooking. You will never be able to live your dream if you do not take a chance."  Then we went down memory lane and talked forever about food and good times. 

All my dad wanted for me was to do what was always best for my family. He was, and always will be looking over me. I cannot thank him enough and words can never express the thanks and love for him. 

(September 2017) He passed away and I went into a dark place mentally because I lost my rock. No more conversations, no more getting yelled at (hehehe), never hear his sarcasm again. It took a while to get back into things again, but I did. There was a fire that lit in me. It was so strong that all I could think about is recipes, different food, how to do this and that.

I was re-inspired again by going through the steps of grievance, happiness, sadness, and back to being me again. Death changes people in many ways, however I finally found a way that I can change the sadness of grieving and figuring out a way to overcome it. Now my father cooks with me through inspiration , I swear I tell you I have conversations with him about food ideas all the time. (Not crazy) :) If you ever see my arm I have a knife (Cleaver) tattooed on it. The knife is a symbol of my dad, it was the cleaver that I can always remember that he always had and used. It was the everything knife. So, now he cooks with me. 

In late 2017, I told my wife I am starting a food trailer.

I worked in a office environment for 9 years prior. I met some really cool people there and had some great opportunities.  Things change though, it could be the environment, people, management, buyouts, etc. It was time to shine.

I went into the office one morning and called my wife, I said "I am quitting this morning and I gave my notice." Well as you can imagine there was no response on the other end. I thought I lost the call. Then I can hear her say, well what is your plan....Plan I said, heck I will just make it work. You can probably imagine how that went. However to the contrary,  she said "I know you always figure things out so, do what you need to do and I will stand with you. "

Thank goodness she said that because there was no backup plan. :)

I started Herb n Smoke LLC. and it was the absolute best thing that happened to me (Besides my beautiful family).  I never knew what a euphoria that having something that you build form the ground up can have on a person. I reached out to friends, and  family for advice. They were always willing to taste test (and still are). My family and friends kept pushing me to many different levels. They came out on their days off to help whenever they could.


Here we are living our dreams. For those of you that want to do something in life and are afraid to take a chance, well If I can do it so can you. Start small and dream big! Build a support system and talk to those in the industry that you are interested in. 


Take a leap of faith, and never look back!

Come by and share some laughs, good food, and have a brew.